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Statement of the United Nations in Georgia

09 April 2024

April 9, 2024

Recalling its statement of 26 February of 2023, the United Nations in Georgia expresses its profound concern with the re-introduction of the draft Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence in the Parliament of Georgia as it would impede the work of civil society and media and the essential contributions they make to Georgian democracy and society as a whole.

Civil society organizations in Georgia have been at the forefront of delivering essential services to the most vulnerable and helping protect their human rights. Stigmatizing their work risks leaving persons with disabilities, internally displaced, minorities, older persons, women, youth and children, survivors of domestic violence and other people in need without effective assistance and support.   

The UN has been a trusted partner for over three decades, supporting the country’s development in line with Georgia’s own national priorities and assisting the people of Georgia together with all our local partners, including civil society and media.

We recall the findings of the analysis conducted by OSCE/ODIHR in consultation with the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom to peaceful assembly and of association at the request of the Public Defender of Georgia, that the draft law falls short of a number of Georgia’s international obligations.  

Noting Georgia’s current membership of the UN Human Rights Council, we urge the Parliament of Georgia to withdraw this draft law and conduct broad, inclusive, and meaningful consultations with a wide range of stakeholders on relations between the state and civil society.

In addition, the United Nations in Georgia expresses regret that the Parliament opted to use an expedited procedure to abolish mandatory gender quotas in parliamentary election lists. The temporary measure of a gender quota has been a long-standing recommendation to Georgia of the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women to compensate for women’s systemic exclusion from political decision-making. The abolition of quotas is a step back for gender equality.

We urge the Georgian authorities to take all the necessary steps to avoid actions that run counter to Georgia’s international obligations and that risk having a chilling effect on Georgian democracy.

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